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How has computer technology revolutionized your


Computer technology, from email to databases, has revolutionized businesses of all sizes. Yet all to often we become frustrated by these tools, or worse, we become afraid to use them, believing that only professionals can harness the power of computerized business.

Metatron Technology Consulting is here to help. We offer a comprehensive set of services to help your small business obtain powerful solutions previously only affordable to large corporations at minimal cost. The power that these solutions bring to your business will be reflected in the added revenue that they bring in.

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Our solutions put you in charge because they leverage the power, reliability, and affordability of open source software. We are often able to deliver solutions at a fraction of the cost of commercial, off the shelf software. More importantly, however, the focus on flexibility provides our customers with the assurance that the software can be made to work for them, however they want to work. We can thus build long-term value a little at a time, reducing both lock-in and the need for costly migrations.

Our flagship solution is LedgerSMB, an open source ERP framework and application focusing on accounting and flexibility. Join the thousands of businesses currently using LedgerSMB.

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Although we do not restrict our work to open source software, we do recommend it wherever appropriate. The business benefits of open source are compelling because they free a business from expensive upgrade cycles, ensure better support, and lower total cost of ownership. Finally, open source software brings a sort of freedom to a business which is not possible using proprietary software, and the peace of mind knowing that the software can always be maintained and will never be abandoned for marketing reasons.

Open source provides your business power and flexibility, at a budget you can afford, and a timeline that works for you. Let us help you be successful.